Senate Bill 88 Becomes Law

8M7B3986 SB88 District PhotoATLANTA (May 4, 2017) |Earlier today, Governor Nathan Deal signed Senate Bill 88 into Georgia law. Senator Jeff Mullis (R – Chickamauga) sponsored SB 88 to help fight the opioid epidemic in Georgia.

“Senate Bill 88 becoming law ensures that those wishing to open narcotic treatment programs follow proper procedures,” said Sen. Mullis. “Guaranteeing these treatment facilities follow guidelines will help us address the epidemic of opioid abuse and heroin overdoses quickly and efficiently. Under SB 88, the application process will be more rigorous than before and communities who truly need treatment facilities will be able to properly and more efficiently apply to open one. I also want to extend my gratitude to everyone in our district and around the state who worked tirelessly to get this legislation passed.”

Under SB 88, the Department of Community Health will establish minimum standards and a licensing process for people wishing to open narcotic treatment programs in the state. This law will require those who wish to open a treatment facility to prove the need for a location within the community. The applicant will be required to have public and law enforcement input.

Please follow the link below for the full press release from Governor Deal:

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May 4, 2017

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