Sen. Kennedy Honors the Life of Sergeant Sondron and Deputy Smallwood

ATLANTA (January 31, 2017) | Sen. John F. Kennedy (R – Macon) honored the life and career of Sergeant Patrick Michael Sondron and Deputy Daryl Wayne Smallwood with a presentation of Senate Resolution 59 and Senate Resolution 61 in the Senate today.

“It is an honor to recognize these great men who made the highest and greatest sacrifice when answering the call of duty,” said Sen. Kennedy. “I am humbled by the support from my colleagues and citizens around Georgia who join us today in honoring these great men as we mourn their loss. They are men who defended the weak and showed commendable compassion, bravery and devotion to their community and fellow men. Their services and dedication will never be forgotten.”

SR 59 honors the life and memory of Sergeant Patrick Michael Sondron. SR 61 honors the life and memory of Deputy Daryl Wayne Smallwood.

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Janaury 31, 2017

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