Senate Passes Seat Belt Bill to Save Lives

ATLANTA (February 13, 2009) – The Georgia Senate voted Thursday to pass Senate Bill 5, which enforces seat belt use for pick-up truck drivers. The measure, sponsored by Sen. Don Thomas (R-Dalton), passed 49 to 4, with an exemption for vehicles used exclusively for farming and agricultural purposes. The change in the law would also make Georgia eligible to receive up to $5 million from the Federal government for transportation improvements.

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Sen. Johnson Comments on the Voter Registration Bill

ATLANTA (Feb. 13, 2009) – Yesterday the Senate Ethics Committee passed Senate Bill 86 which amends Georgia’s voter registration codes to require proof of United States citizenship when registering to vote in Georgia. Under this bill, voter registration applications must be accompanied by satisfactory evidence of U.S. citizen ship.

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From the Capitol . . .

By: Sen. Cecil Staton

ATLANTA (February 13, 2009) – The 2009 General Assembly is quickly approaching the half-way point in our constitutionally-allowed forty legislative day session. We plan to wrap up the 2009 Legislative Session in 35 days, reserving five days in June for possible budget adjustments. Each day the legislature is in session, it costs approximately $70,000 per day. By shortening the session to 35 days, we save significant taxpayer dollars. I have been dedicated, along with my Senate colleagues, to ensuring that everyday we are in the Senate Chamber or in committee meetings time is being well spent and we are working on quality, fiscally responsible legislation that will benefit the entire state. Continue reading “From the Capitol . . .”

Sen. Pearson Honors Sustainable Business Contributions to Georgia

ATLANTA (February 13, 2009) — A champion for economic development in Georgia, Sen. Chip Pearson (R-Dawsonville) gathered several of Georgia’s sustainable and environmentally friendly businesses in the Senate Chamber this week to commend them for their contributions to the health of the state and the economy.

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