Two Renewable Energy Power Plants Coming to Franklin and Madison Counties

ATLANTA (December 4, 2017) | The Legislative Delegation from Franklin and Madison Counties is happy to announce that two new renewable energy power plants are coming to Franklin and Madison Counties. Construction has begun on the two $180 million power plants that will bring 1,000 long-term, high paying jobs to northeast Georgia. Sen. Frank Ginn (R – Danielsville), Sen. Bill Cowsert (R – Athens), Sen. John Wilkinson (R – Toccoa), Rep. Alan Powell (R – Hartwell) and Rep. Tom McCall (R – Elberton) made the announcement.

“Projects like this bring power to the people and I commend everyone who worked diligently to bring these two important power plants and high paying jobs to our local community,” said Sen. Ginn. “This would not be possible without cooperation from our legislative delegation, local elected officials, Georgia Power and members of the Georgia PSC. I look forward to working with everyone to ensure construction is finished, jobs are created and our local communities experience economic development.”

“Bringing these plants to northeast Georgia will not only boost the economies of these two counties but will bring jobs and businesses to the entire region,” said. Sen. Cowsert. “I am proud that two companies from Athens are heavily involved in this project. It is always great to have everyone working together for a common goal that will benefit citizens within the region and throughout the state.”

“These two power plants are the product of years of hard work by local and state elected officials, economic developers and the legislative delegation from Franklin and Madison Counties,” said Sen. Wilkinson. “Renewable energy projects provide jobs for years to come and will help to boost the northeast Georgia economy through the development of secondary industries. I am thankful for this opportunity and look forward to the completion of these power plants.”

“It is always great to have good corporate citizens locate their industries in northeast Georgia,” said Rep. Powell. “I look forward to working with these industries, our legislative delegation and local elected officials to bring additional businesses and jobs to this region and our great state.”

“Any time a new industry decides to locate in our area, create new jobs and help increase the local tax base it is a good thing,” said Rep. McCall. “When it is an industry that uses material that can be grown, consumed and replanted to be harvested from local forest and farms it is even better. Thanks go to all who helped make this come to our area.”

The two plants will incorporate proprietary fuel drying technology to dry the incoming wood from 50 percent moisture content down to 15 percent. This technology was co-developed by GRP and IMI of Athens, Georgia. The official GRP press release states that “these Georgia plants will be among the, if not the, most efficient, and cleanest biomass fueled power plants in the world.”

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For Immediate Release:
December 4, 2017

Ines Owens, Director-Senate Press Office

Betsy Lynch, Director-House Media Services