Senator Chuck Hufstetler Named Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee

ATLANTA (January 11, 2017)  |  Sen. Chuck Hufstetler (R – Rome) was recently appointed to serve on several influential committees for the 2017 Legislative Session by the Senate Committee on Assignments.

“It is an honor to be selected to serve as the chairman for the Finance Committee,” said Sen. Hufstetler. “I believe my past experience as a Floyd County Board of Commissioners Finance Chairman will be useful in cutting taxes and eliminating wasteful government spending. I look forward to being part of change at the state level.”

Sen. Hufstetler will serve as chairman of the Finance Committee, vice chairman of the Retirement Committee and as a member of the Higher Education and Health and Human Services committees.

“Sen. Hufstetler has distinguished himself as a leader in the Senate, someone who is committed to advancing the interests of every Georgia citizen,” said Lt. Governor Casey Cagle. “I look forward to his work as chair of the Finance Committee and am confident Sen. Hufstetler will bring a great deal of insight to the legislation that comes before his committee.”

“The Georgia Senate is composed of individuals with a breadth of talent and experience,” said President Pro Tem David Shafer (R-Duluth). “I believe our new committee chairs and members have the right expertise to address critical issues.  I look forward to working with my colleagues to ensure that Georgia’s priorities are the Senate’s priorities.”

Once a piece of legislation is introduced in the Senate, it is assigned to a Committee, depending on its topic.  If the Committee gives the legislation a “do pass” recommendation, then the proposed law is sent to the Rules Committee for consideration. The appointed chairs will oversee the operation and order of Senate committee meetings, including calling for action on bills, resolutions or other matters assigned to that committee.

The first session of the 154th Georgia General Assembly convened on January 9, 2017 at the Georgia State Capitol.

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