Senate Urban Affairs Committee Passes Public Transit Bill

ATLANTA (February 25, 2013) – The Senate Urban Affairs Committee, chaired by Senator Ronald Ramsey (D- Lithonia), unanimously passed Senate Bill 92 on Friday.  SB 92, sponsored by Sen. Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta), would permit car rental taxes to be used for public transit, constructions and improvements.

“Public transportation provides a way for people to get to their jobs, homes, essential services and after school programs while also being energy and environmentally efficient,” said Sen. Ramsey.  “As our state deals with difficult economic times, we must work together to find creative solutions for financial shortfalls.  I am proud of Sen. Fort for drafting this legislation and am equally proud to co-sponsor this legislation which provides alternative ideas for funding our public transportation system.”

“This bill is essential to giving local governments the ability to fund their own public transit projects and make repairs that are so badly needed,” said Sen. Fort.  “Car rental taxes are regularly used to fund public transit in many cities throughout the country.”

With the failure of last year’s TSPLOST referendum, legislators were tasked with finding alternative ways to fund public transit and its repairs.  Currently, counties can utilize the car rental excise tax for capital outlay projects including the construction and improvement of certain projects. If passed, SB 92 would authorize revenue from the local car rental taxes to be used for public transit and facility improvements as well as construction and improvement projects.

SB 92 will now continue on to the Senate Rules Committee to be considered for a full vote on the Senate Floor.\

For Immediate Release:
February 25, 2013

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