Senate Passes Bill to Further Protect Victims of Family Violence Orders

ATLANTA (February 20, 2013) – Today, the State Senate passed Senate Bill 86 to strengthen current laws regarding family violence orders by a vote of 49-0.

“I sponsored SB 86 because I’ve witnessed as an attorney and as a public servant that many violators of family violence orders, which are restraining or protective orders, do not get punished because of the long judicial proceeding that is currently required for law enforcement to arrest the offender,” said Sen. Jesse Stone (R-Waynesboro).  “This legislation will empower law enforcement to react quickly in situations of potential high-risk where citizens could be harmed.”

SB 86 defines family violence orders and allows law enforcement officers to arrest without a warrant, but with probable cause, the violator of a family violence order. If the perpetrator is arrested, they are not eligible for bail without first having a court hearing.

SB 86 will now travel to the House of Representatives.


For Immediate Release:
February 20, 2013

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