Senate Passes Bill to Establish Georgia Self-Service Storage Facility Act of 2013

ATLANTA (February 25, 2013) – The State Senate passed Senate Bill 61 to establish the Georgia Self-Service Storage Facility Act of 2013 by a vote of 47-3.

Sen. Jesse Stone (R-Waynesboro) sponsored SB 61 to strengthen current laws by allowing self-service storage facility owners to enforce a property lien without judicial intervention.

“Many self-service storage facilities have problems with delinquency, and it is often laborious to enforce contractual agreements through the courts,” said Sen. Stone.  “Senate Bill 61 would streamline the process and potentially provide a quicker response from delinquent renters to facility owners.”

SB 61 establishes that the owner of a self-storage facility, as well as anyone who would inherit or look after it, has a lien upon all personal property within the unit and allows owners to enforce the lien without judicial intervention.

Self-service storage facility owners can notify an occupant who is late on payment by e-mail and allows them to advertise confiscated property for sale online.

SB 61 now travels to the House of Representatives.

For Immediate Release:
February 25, 2013

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Jennifer Yarber, Interim Director
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