Sen. Stone Receives Legislative Champion Award

ATLANTA (May 17, 2013) – Sen. Jesse Stone (R-Wyanesboro) will receive the Legislative Champion Award from the Georgia Commission on Family Violence (GCFV) on Friday, May 17.

WHEN:          Friday, May 17, 2013 at 12:30 p.m.

WHERE:        Richmond County Sheriff’s Office Training Center-Myers Building

2098 Greenland Road

Blythe, GA 30805

This award recognizes Sen. Stone’s successful sponsorship of SB 86 to strengthen family violence orders and his strong support for HB 78 to protect at-risk-adults.  Both bills have been signed into law; SB 86 took effect upon signing on May 7 and HB 78 will take effect July 1.

“I’m honored to receive this award from the Georgia Commission on Family Violence,” said Sen. Stone.  “The passage of SB 86 and HB 78 will protect victims of family violence and Georgia’s vulnerable population of seniors and disabled adults.  These measures will move our state forward as a safer place to live, work and raise our families.”

GCFV’s Chair Judge Stephen Kelley said, “As a Judge and Chairman of the Commission, I want to acknowledge and recognize Sen. Stone.  His determination to give law enforcement the tools they need stop the cycle of violence will benefit countless numbers of victims but all the citizens of Georgia by making Georgia a safer place to live.”

SB 86 authorizes law enforcement to arrest abusers for violating no-contact orders in family violence bond and probation conditions.  HB 78 provides additional protections for elderly adults and people with disabilities by moving relevant crimes against this population into the criminal code section most frequently used by law enforcement, expanding criminal protection for them against sexual abuse and financial exploitation, expanding and clarifying the mandatory reporting requirements, and creating a process to speed up depositions for witnesses 72 years and older in criminal proceedings.

For Immediate Release:
May 17, 2013

For Information Contact:
Jennifer Yarber, Interim Director
Kate Greer, Broadcast Specialist