Sen. Mullis Commends Senate for Passing Senate Bill 88

ATLANTA (February 24, 2017) | Senator Jeff Mullis (R – Chickamauga) sponsored Senate Bill 88, the Narcotic Treatment Programs Enforcement Act, which overwhelmingly passed the Georgia Senate on Thursday. This important legislation establishes much needed regulations for narcotic treatment programs. Under SB 88, the Department of Community Health may establish minimum standards and a licensing process for people wishing to open narcotic treatment programs.

“Currently we have a system in place that is weak and not adequately regulating these facilities,” said Sen. Mullis. “The epidemic of opioid abuse and heroin overdoses remains an issue that we must address quickly and efficiently. This legislation is critical for all Georgians and will save lives by ensuring that those who seek treatment are getting the best care possible.”

This legislation would require those who wish to open a treatment facility to prove the need for a location within the community. The applicant would be required to have public and law enforcement input. The enrollment and establishment of these facilities is limited to certain parts of the year. SB 88 divides the state into 49 regions which model the State’s Judicial Circuit. SB 88 will now go to the Georgia House of Representatives for consideration.

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February 24, 2017

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