Sen. Lester Jackson Applauds Senate for Passing Senate Bill 319

ATLANTA (February 17, 2016) | On Wednesday, the Georgia State Senate passed Senate Bill 319 by a unanimous vote of 51-0. Sen. Lester Jackson (D – Savannah), sponsored SB 319 which updates the definition of “professional counseling” for Licensed Professional Counselors to add the word “diagnose” into their scope of practice definition.lj

“I would like to thank the Senate for their swift action on this important piece of legislation. I look forward to having the bill heard in the House,” said Sen. Jackson. “The passage of SB 319 brings us one step closer to providing adequate mental health services to thousands of Georgians, including our most vulnerable population- our children.”

SB 319 changes the scope of practice by giving LPCs the ability not only to evaluate and recommend a course of treatment for emotional and mental problem conditions but to also diagnose them. This grants LPCs the same authority currently granted to licensed social workers and marriage and family therapists.

SB 319 will now head to the Georgia House of Representatives.

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February 17. 2016

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