Sen. Larry Walker Appointed to Senate Study Committee

ATLANTA (September 8, 2017) | Sen. Larry Walker (R – Perry) has been appointed to serve on the Senate Study Committee on Barriers to Georgians’ Access to Adequate Healthcare.

“All Georgians need access to primary healthcare, irrespective of where they live,” said Sen. Walker. “So, I am eager to serve on this study committee and explore ways we can improve access to healthcare for all our citizens. Communities outside of metro Atlanta, especially in middle and south Georgia, do not have adequate access to care, which puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to growing their towns and local economies. I look forward to working with Chairperson Unterman, my fellow study committee members and stakeholders from around the state to examine the practices currently in place for providing healthcare and determining what improvements should be made.”

The Senate Study Committee on Barriers to Georgians’ Access to Adequate Healthcare, created by Senate Resolution 188, is comprised of nine members, two Senators and seven experts on healthcare from Georgia. The purpose of the study committee is to examine the laws, practices and regulations placed on the healthcare industry in Georgia in order to understand and eventually improve the below average population health. The study committee is responsible for reporting its findings and recommendations, including proposed legislation by December 1, 2017.

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For Immediate Release:
September 8, 2017

Elisabeth Fletcher, Communications Specialist