Sen. John F. Kennedy Champions Victims’ Rights

ATLANTA (March 8, 2017) | Sen. John F. Kennedy (R – Macon) sponsored Senate Resolution 146, Marsy’s Law, which passed by a vote of 50-4 last Friday. The resolution passed alongside Senate Bill 127, which serves as counterpart legislation for the Georgia Code.

“It is not acceptable that Georgia’s crime victims do not have ample protection under Georgia law,” Sen. Kennedy said. “Victims in this state ought to have enforceable victims’ rights when they’re trampled upon, which is why those rights need to be specifically enumerated in our state’s constitution.”

SR 146 proposes an amendment to the Georgia Constitution that would entitle crime victims to certain rights including: fair treatment, respect and dignity; reasonable and accurate notice of proceedings of the alleged criminal; to be present and heard at public proceedings involving the victim; and to be informed of their rights.

The proposed amendment would also provide for how the victim would assert those rights. If the victim is incapable of asserting them, whether they are a minor, legally incapacitated or deceased, the victim’s family may assert them. And, while the victim may be represented by legal counsel to enforce those rights, the government is not responsible for appointing or providing counsel.

Finally, the victim may file to assert equitable relief for enforcing their enumerated rights while in the same criminal proceeding.

SR 146 and SB 127 now go to the House of Representatives for consideration.

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March 8, 2017

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