Sen. Emanuel Jones Visits China to Discuss Partnership on Regional Healthcare

ATLANTA (June 17, 2015) |  Last month, Sen. Emanuel Jones (D- Decatur), President of Gusi Peace Prize International,  traveled to Hong Kong and mainland China.  Sen. Jones was joined by Ambassador Barry Gusi, Chairman of Gusi Peace Prize International, as they visited various sites and universities to discuss opportunities for improving regional healthcare in both the United States and China.

“My first visit to Hong Kong and mainland China was truly an eye-opening experience that brought me greater clarity on the opportunities and challenges our two nations face with health care systems,” said Sen. Jones. “Like the United States, China is using innovative technologies to address the health care needs of their people.  Together, we can build on our existing partnership for mutually beneficial results that will lead to healthier populations for both countries.”

Sen. Jones first arrived in Hong Kong where he was greeted by local business leaders for a welcome dinner.  He then traveled to the mainland to address researchers and government officials at the Macau University of Science and Technology in Macau where he was welcomed by the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Dr. Manson Fok.  He also visited the Institute of Burn Research in Chongqing to address faculty and staff.  Sen. Jones next spent time in Beijing where he met with the Vice Minister of the National and Family Planning Commission and the President of the Chinese Medical Doctors Association.

“I want to express my most sincere gratitude for the warm welcome and insightful discussion that took place during my time in China,” said Sen. Jones. “I am committed, now more than ever, to using my role as an elected official to continue this important dialogue between our two nations as we work towards increased health for all people, regardless of nationality.”

Sen. Jones has been in contact with the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention to discuss the findings from his trip.  He will continue to work with the various organizations in China, in cooperation with the Gusi Peace Prize International, to bring about lasting medical reforms for a healthier and more productive populace.

For additional information on the Institute of Burn Research, Macau University of Science and Technology, and the Gusi Peace Prize International, please visit the following links:

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June 17, 2015

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