Sen. Emanuel Jones Urges Action Prohibiting Sale of Exploding Targets

ATLANTA (October 17, 2017) | Sen. Emanuel Jones (D — Decatur) introduced Senate Bill 171 during the 2017 Legislative Session to restrict the sale of ‘exploding targets’, typically used for target practice, throughout Georgia.

“These ‘explosive targets’ are explosive compounds which, though originally designed for target practice, are now being used as a weapon,” said Sen. Jones. “When used in the proper way, these targets are relatively safe and harmless. However, if mixed with other objects, they can become very dangerous. Just recently, materials used to create ‘explosive targets’ were found in the vehicle of the Las Vegas shooter and several have suffered injuries as a result of misuse of these products, including here in Georgia. It has already led to the loss of too many lives and action should be taken to prohibit the sale of any ‘exploding target’ throughout our state.”

SB 171 defines ‘exploding targets’ as any binary exploding target package with at least two components which are sold together in a package with instructions on how to combine the components to create a detonation. The bill would also establish penalties for selling, using, exploding, or detonating ‘exploding targets’ by punishing those found guilty with a misdemeanor of a high and aggravated nature. SB 171 was referred to the Senate Public Safety Committee during the 2017 Legislative Session.


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For Immediate Release:
October 17, 2017

Andrew Allison, Broadcast Specialist