Sen. Curt Thompson to Speak at GNLI Government Day at the Capitol

ATLANTA (November 21, 2011) – Sen. Curt Thompson (D-Tucker) will speak at the Gwinnett Neighborhood Leadership Institute’s (GNLI) Government Day at the Capitol on Saturday, December 10. Sen. Thompson will present to the group at 9:00 a.m. on how a bill becomes a law in Georgia.

“GNLI is an outstanding program that cultivates civic leaders and promotes positive political action. Each person who completes the Institute is able to better educate other community members on how to identify community problems, and ultimately make positive changes in the areas where we live, work and play,” said Sen. Thompson. “It is important to learn how legislation is created and how individuals can become active in the process.”

“We are honored to have Sen. Thompson speak at this event. Each GNLI class learns about all facets of government, and he will be able to share unique insights regarding state government,” said Glen B. Williams, Co-Chair of the GNLI Government Day committee. “We are particularly interested in hearing about the legislative issues he has addressed that have ultimately benefitted Gwinnett citizens.”

GNLI participants range in age from 18 to over 80 and represent a diverse range of backgrounds. The Institute is a valuable resource for Gwinnett County programs seeking grassroots leaders to serve as board, committee and task force members.