Sen. Chip Rogers on Decision to Not Seek Majority Leader Re-Election

Senator Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock) announced today that he would not seek re-election as Majority Leader of the Georgia Senate.

“I am honored to have served four years in leading the Republican Majority. After months of consideration I ultimately decided that the toll of serving my Caucus was taking too much from my family. While I had no challengers for the position of Majority Leader, the decision was still clear to me.  Leadership positions should never become permanent and I am very supportive of our new Majority Leader and my good friend, Senator Chance,” said Senator Rogers.

Senator Ronnie Chance, who announced his candidacy after Senator Rogers decided not to run for re-election, applauded the years of service Senator Rogers gave to the Republican Majority.

“I have been honored to support Senator Rogers and appreciate his successful service as our Majority Leader. He is a close personal friend, and after his decision to step-down I was honored to receive his full support. For this I am sincerely grateful,” said Senator Chance.

Senator Chip Rogers served as Majority Leader for four years, making him the longest-serving Republican Majority Leader in Georgia Senate History.


Jennifer Yarber, Deputy Director