Sen. Albers Announces Creation of Georgia Senate Republican Study Committee

ATLANTA (February 25, 2013) – Sen. John Albers (R –Roswell) and a few select Republican Senators recently announced the creation of the Georgia Senate Republican Study Committee (RSC), which mirrors the national RSC.  The Georgia RSC is committed to advancing a strong, conservative agenda in the State Senate.

“I’m honored to serve on the Georgia Senate Republican Study Committee,” said Sen. John Albers. “I look forward to working with my colleagues to advance conservative policy solutions that respond to the needs of the people.”

Georgia RSC Founding Principles

  • Reform Georgia’s Income Tax Code
  • Protect the 2nd Amendment – Right to Bear Arms
  • Reform Entitlement Programs
  • Protect the 10th Amendment – Powers Not Granted to the Federal Government by the Constitution, are Reserved to the States or the People
  • Transparent/Ethical Laws without limiting access for Georgians
  • Promote Job Creation and Economic Growth

Georgia RSC will meet regularly during the legislative session to score major Senate and House bills for their conservative values and will provide weekly online reports at

For Immediate Release:
February 25, 2013

For Information Contact:
Jennifer Yarber, Interim Director
Shawna Mercer, Sr. Communications Specialist