“Protecting Small Businesses Act” Signed into Law

4Q8A6153 croppedATLANTA (May 4, 2016) | On Tuesday, Governor Nathan Deal signed Senate Bill 277, sponsored by Sen. John Albers (R – Roswell), into law. Also known as the “Protecting Small Businesses Act,” SB 277 clarifies that Franchisors and Franchisees are distinct and separate business enterprises.

“I am honored that the “Protecting Georgia Small Businesses Act” has been signed into law,” said Sen. Albers. “This legislation is pro small business and enables business owners to do what they do best, grow the local economy and keep Georgia the number one state to do business. It is a privilege to stand together with our local community and business owners to bring prosperity and jobs to this great state.”

This legislation has support from several stakeholders who came out today to command Sen. Albers on the singing of SB 277. One of the key supporters is the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA). AAHOA CEO Chip Rogers stated, “We are very grateful for the efforts of the bill’s author Sen. John Albers and the General Assembly in passing this impactful bill and we thank Gov. Deal for signing it into law. This bill will protect the success of the franchise model for hoteliers and all small business owners and allow them to continue to expand and create jobs for their communities.”

Another supporter, Clarissa Bradstock, AnyLabTestNow CEO, said she was “pleased to see Georgia taking the lead on small business growth.”

Senate Bill 277 goes into effect on January 1, 2017.

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May 4, 2016

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