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Sen. John F. Kennedy Champions Victims’ Rights

ATLANTA (March 8, 2017) | Sen. John F. Kennedy (R – Macon) sponsored Senate Resolution 146, Marsy’s Law, which passed by a vote of 50-4 last Friday. The resolution passed alongside Senate Bill 127, which serves as counterpart legislation for the Georgia Code. (more…)

Sen. John F. Kennedy Honors John Schuerholz

4Q8A7237ATLANTA (February 10, 2017) | Sen. John F. Kennedy (R – Macon) recognized the contributions of John Schuerholz for his decades of service to the Atlanta Braves organization with Senate Resolution 193 in the Senate today. (more…)

Sen. Kennedy Honors the Life of Sergeant Sondron and Deputy Smallwood

ATLANTA (January 31, 2017) | Sen. John F. Kennedy (R – Macon) honored the life and career of Sergeant Patrick Michael Sondron and Deputy Daryl Wayne Smallwood with a presentation of Senate Resolution 59 and Senate Resolution 61 in the Senate today. (more…)

Sen. Kennedy to Serve as Committee Vice Chairman

ATLANTA (January 12, 2016) | Sen. John Kennedy (R – Macon) was appointed by the Senate Committee on Assignments to serve as vice chairman of the Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Committee. He will also be a member of the Senate Appropriations, Judiciary and Regulated Industries Committees for the 2017 Legislative Session. (more…)

Senate Committee on Assignments Announces New Chairmanships

ATLANTA (January 9, 2017)  |  The Senate Committee on Assignments has announced changes to its list of standing committee chairs and vice chairs for the first session of the 154th Georgia General Assembly: (more…)