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Sen. Hunter Hill Welcomes “The Jeff and Jenn Show” to the Senate

4Q8A1260 editedATLANTA (March 23, 2017) | Sen. Hunter Hill (R – Atlanta) honored Jeff Dauler and Jenn Hobby, the hosts of Star 94.1’s “The Jeff and Jenn Show,” with Senate Resolution 402 recognizing the show’s one-year anniversary on Wednesday. (more…)

Sen. Hunter Hill To Present “Individual Student Education Account Act” to Senate Education and Youth Committee

ATLANTA (February 24, 2017) | Sen. Hunter Hill (R – Smyrna) will present Senate Bill 68 to the Senate Education and Youth Committee today. (more…)

Senate Chairman for the 154th Georgia General Assembly

ATLANTA (January 10, 2017)  |  The Senate Committee on Assignments has announced the full list of standing committee chairman for the first session of the 154th Georgia General Assembly: (more…)

Sen. Hunter Hill Leads Passage of Senate Bill 63 and Senate Bill 203 on Crossover Day

ATLANTA (March 13, 2015)  |  Sen. Hunter Hill (R – Atlanta) led the passage of two bills that support the growth of small business and commemorate Georgia’s role in World War I, respectively, on Day 30 of the 2015 legislative session of the Georgia General Assembly. Senate Bill 63, also known as the “Beer Jobs” bill, passed out of the Senate by a vote of 51 to 5.  Senate Bill 203, which creates the Georgia World War I Centennial Commission, was approved by a vote of 53 to 0.


Senators Form Atlanta Delegation: Orrock, Tate to serve as co-chairs

ATLANTA (February 5, 2015) | Seven state Senators, concerned about the lack of representation of in-town constituency needs, have formed the Atlanta Senate Delegation.