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Jace’s Law Establishing Home Day Care Provisions Passes the Senate

ATLANTA (March 30, 2010) – The Senate on Friday unanimously passed Sen. Freddie Powell Sims’ (D-Albany) bill, which mandates an immediate investigation and closure of Family Home Day Care centers if a child dies under the facility’s care. Sen. Sims was inspired to create the legislation (SB 451) after hearing about the death of her four month old constituent Jace Hester.


Sen. Sims Steps Up to Ensure the Independent Identities of Georgia Colleges

20081120_52c1ATLANTA (February 4, 2009)—Senator Freddie Powell Sims (D- Albany), recently met with university officials to discuss her concerns with Senate Resolution 84 which urges the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia to merge, among others, Albany State University with Darton College. The meeting was sparked by the proposal from Sen. Seth Harp (R- Midland) of merging the institutions in order to save money during this year’s budget cut-backs and to end the practice of illegal discrimination in the historically black colleges.