Bills Pass Through Sen. Hufstetler Committees

ATLANTA (February 13, 2013) – Numerous bills passed through Sen. Chuck Hufstetler (R-Rome) committees on Tuesday.  Sen. Hufstetler is the Vice-Chairman of the State and Local Government Committee and a member of the Education and Youth, Health and Human Services and Science and Technology committees.

Bills passed out of the State and Local Government Committee:

Senate Bill 104 will streamline processes in regards to projects of regional importance or impact.  Legislation from 1989 required redundancy in regional impact studies and a 60 day waiting period.  This legislation was drafted in the day of faxes and slow mail which meant companies like Caterpillar and Baxter could have no action for 60 days while everyone awaited the information.  This bill has the full support of the Department of Community Affairs, the Association of County Commissioners and the Georgia Municipal Association of Cities.

Senate Bill 83 will amend the Georgia Code to allow for cities and counties to have the option to provide for cremation as an alternative for deceased indigents.  Under current law, whenever a family is indigent and unable to provide for a deceased family member’s burial, the county wherein the death occurred will fund the burial and SB 83 authorizes the inclusion of cremations. This bill also has the full support of the Association of County Commissioners.

Bills passed out of the Health & Human Services Committee:

House Bill 57 will strengthen provisions to Senate Bill 370, which passed last session and regards the ban on synthetic marijuana and narcotic bath salts.  These products, which have caused numerous recent deaths, are produced in China.  As soon as Governor Deal signed SB 370 into law last year, Chinese manufacturers had already changed their formulas as to avoid the legal effects of the provisions set forth.  As soon as the legislators were out of session last year legal versions of these substances were sitting in boats ready to be shipped to Georgia.

Senate Bill 10 applies to the continued competency requirements for nurses.  Beginning with the 2016 license renewal cycle, SB 10 would require registered professional nurses to meet continuing competency requirements as a condition of license renewal.  This bill would also allow a registered professional nurse to request that his or her license be five continuing competency requirements during the previous renewal cycle in order to renew their licenses:   This bill is supported by the GA Nursing Association and the GA Hospital Association.

These bills will now be referred to the Senate Rules Committee for consideration.


For Immediate Release:
February 13, 2013

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