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Senator Ed Harbison Welcomes International Military Students to the State Capitol

ATLANTA (July 28, 2016) | Sen. Ed Harbison (D – Columbus) will host a group of students this Friday, July 29th from the International Military Student Office (IMSO), located in Ft. Benning, Ga. (more…)

Sen. Jack Hill Recognized as 2016 Georgia Academy of Family Physicians Legislative Champion of the Year

ATLANTA (July 21, 2016) | The Georgia Academy of Family Physicians each year recognizes legislative leaders in the Georgia General Assembly. This year, Sen. Jack Hill (R – Reidsville) was selected for his support of Georgia health initiatives and his stewardship as the chairperson of the Senate Appropriations Committee. (more…)

Sen. Mike Dugan Participates in Fundraiser for Victims of Domestic Violence

ATLANTA (July 18, 2016) | Sen. Mike Dugan (R – Carrollton) participated in the Jailbreak fundraiser for S.H.A.R.E House Family Violence Crisis Centers in Douglasville, Ga. In an effort to support the cause, participants in the community checked themselves into a pretend “jail” until they could meet their goal of funds raised. Funds raised during this event help support local families by providing medical supplies and food, water and power for the S.H.A.R.E. House, Inc. shelter. (more…)

Sen. Rick Jeffares Appointed as Co-Chair of Joint Study Committee

ATLANTA (July 6, 2016)  | Sen. Rick Jeffares (R– McDonough) has been selected by Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle to serve as Co-Chair of the Joint State Commission on Petroleum Pipelines Study Committee. (more…)

Sen. Renee Unterman Appointed as Chair of Three Senate Study Committees

ATLANTA (July 6, 2016)  |  Sen. Renee Unterman (R– Buford) was selected by Lt .Gov. Casey Cagle to serve as Co-Chair of the Georgia Pallative Care and Quality of Life Advisory Council and as Chair of the Surprise Billing Practices and the Opioid Abuse Senate Study Committees. (more…)