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Sen. Gail Davenport and Others to Host Inaugural Reunion Breakfast

ATLANTA (March 31, 2016) | Sen. Gail Davenport (D – Jonesboro) will take part in hosting the Inaugural William Alfred Fountain High School Reunion Breakfast on Saturday, April 2, 2016 at 9 a.m. The breakfast will take place at the Airport Marriott Hotel in Atlanta. Sen. Davenport and Dr. Adnee Bradford, both former students of William Alfred High School will speak at the event. Attendees will also hear from a former teacher, Eddie White. (more…)

Sen. Vincent Fort Responds to Veto of House Bill 757

ATLANTA (March 28, 2016)  |  Sen. Vincent Fort (D – Atlanta) has released the following statement regarding Gov. Nathan Deal’s decision to veto House Bill 757: (more…)

Child Abuse Reform Legislation Receives Approval From Georgia State Senate

ATLANTA (March 28, 2016)  |  The Georgia State Senate approved legislation that will strengthen child abuse statutes and offer further protections for both victims and reporters. House Bill 905 also clarifies definitions, establishes a public scorecard for child welfare agencies and sets new regulations for creating protocol committees on child abuse. The legislation passed by a vote of 45 to 0 and was sponsored in the Senate by Sen. Charlie Bethel (R – Dalton). (more…)

Georgia Senate Commends Georgia Aquarium for 10 Great Years in Atlanta

ATLANTA (March 23, 2016)  |  Sen. Brandon Beach (R – Alpharetta) led the Georgia Senate in honoring the Georgia Aquarium on its 10-year anniversary in Atlanta. As a major economic driver in the heart of Atlanta’s largest tourist district, the aquarium attracts more than 2 million visitors annually. Sixty percent of those visitors come from outside of the state. (more…)

Narcotic Treatment Center Legislation Receives Approval from Georgia House of Representatives

ATLANTA (March 17, 2016)  |  Legislation that would place a temporary moratorium on the acceptance of new applications for licensure of narcotic treatment centers passed the Georgia House of Representatives on Tuesday, March 15. Senate Bill 402 would also create a state commission to study the current licensure process, as well as the density of currently operating narcotic treatment centers within the state. The legislation was filed by Sen. Jeff Mullis (R – Chickamauga) out of growing concern over the number of Georgia’s narcotic treatment programs and the documented increase of heroin addiction. (more…)