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Sen. Ellis Black Applauds Senate for Passing Senate Bill 336

ATLANTA (February 29, 2016) | On Monday, the Georgia State Senate passed by a vote of 53-1 Senate Bill 336. Sen. Ellis Black (R-Valdosta) sponsored SB 336 to improve retirement plan options for the Georgia Municipal Employees Benefit System (GMEBS).

Update from the Gold Dome

By: Sen. Jeff Mullis (R – Chickamauga)

This week was a busy one for the Georgia Senate. With five legislative days planned and a full committee schedule, the pressure was on meet the crossover day deadline. Only one legislative day remains for bills to pass the Senate floor and transfer over to the House for consideration. The last 10 legislative days will be used to review House bills in the Senate, as well as finalize and pass the FY 2017 general budget. (more…)

Sen. Lester Jackson Honors Life of Rep. Bob Bryant

ATLANTA (February 25, 2016) | On Thursday, Sen. Lester Jackson (D – Savannah), Chairman of the Senate Urban Affairs Committee, honored the life and memory of Rep. Bob Bryant. Rep. Bob Bryant passed away early Thursday morning. (more…)

Georgia Senate Approves Legislation Dedicating Fireworks Excise Tax to Trauma Care

ATLANTA (February 24, 2016)  |  The Georgia Senate passed legislation today that will dedicate the proceeds of the excise tax on fireworks to local public safety initiatives, if approved by voter referendum. Senate Bill 350 sets the revenue allocation amounts for specific trauma care and firefighter training initiatives, while Senate Resolution 558 is the companion legislation that enacts the legislation through a proposed constitutional amendment. Sen. Jeff Mullis (R – Chickamauga) is the sponsor of both bills. (more…)

Sen. Michael Rhett Presents SB 368 to Senate Health and Human Services Committee

ATLANTA (February 23, 2016) | Sen. Michael Rhett (D – Marietta) presented Senate Bill 368, the Premium Assistance Program/Rhett Cares, to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee last week. SB 368 will help qualified individuals pay for their healthcare premiums through a premium assistance program. (more…)