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Senate Passes Bill Allowing Suppressors on Hunting Firearms

ATLANTA (February 26, 2014)  |  Senate Bill 93, sponsored by Sen. Bill Heath (R-Bremen), passed the Georgia State Senate today by a vote of 43 to 10. If signed into law, the bill will allow the use of suppressors on legal hunting firearms. (more…)

Georgia Senate Passes Bill Urging Congress to Draft Fiscally Responsible Amendments to U.S. Constitution

ATLANTA (February 26, 2014)  |  The Georgia State Senate will urge the U.S. Congress to draft a Constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget and federal spending limit with the passage of Senate Resolution 70 today. The legislation passed by a vote of 36 to 13 and was sponsored by Sen. Judson Hill (R – Marietta). (more…)

Georgia Senate Passes Bill to Withdraw from National “Common Core” Standards

ATLANTA (February 25, 2014) | The Georgia Senate passed Senate Bill 167 today by a vote of 34-16. Sponsored by Sen. William Ligon (R – Brunswick), this legislation provides an approach for withdrawing from the national education standards known as “Common Core” and specifies new protections for student privacy. (more…)

Sen. Albers Applauds Passage of Autism Insurance Coverage Legislation

ATLANTA (February 25, 2014)  |  Sen. John Albers (R –Roswell) applauds the passage of Senate Bill 397 today, which received a vote of  51 to 0. If adopted, this legislation will require insurers to provide coverage for children up to six years old who are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Sen. Albers (R – Roswell) introduced similar legislation to SB 397, known as Ava’s Law, earlier last year and is one of the state’s strongest proponents for Autism Insurance Coverage. (more…)

Senate Resolution Creates the Joint Study Committee to Protect Abused Adults

ATLANTA (February 24, 2014) | The Georgia State Senate passed Senate Resolution 828 today by a vote of 50 to 1.  Sen. Renee Unterman (R—Buford), Chair of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, sponsored this legislation to create the Joint Study Committee on Emergency Relocation of Abused Adults.  (more…)