2010 Session Changes the Face of Georgia’s Economy

Sen. Chip Pearson

By Sen. Chip Pearson

ATLANTA (April 30, 2010) – Now that we’ve reached the end of what has been one of the longest sessions in Georgia’s history, it’s time to move forward on new policies that will change the face of our state economy.  Job creation is at the center of this transformation.  At the beginning of session, I noted that while the legislature’s greatest challenge would be balancing the budget, our most important goal was to revitalize Georgia’s job sector.  I’m proud to say that job growth remained our primary focus throughout session, with both chambers passing legislation to encourage an economic climate that is conducive to job creation. 

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Georgia State Legislature Unanimously Approves Landmark Zero Tolerance Discipline Bill

ATLANTA (April 29, 2010) – A unanimous vote by the entire Georgia General Assembly today makes Georgia one of the first states in the country to restrain excessive zero tolerance discipline policies in schools.  The landmark legislation by Sen. Emanuel Jones (D-Decatur) received final passage on the last day of the 2010 Legislative Session, and now goes before the governor for his signature before it can become law.

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Lawful Carry Act passes General Assembly

ATLANTA (April 29, 2009) – The Georgia General Assembly voted today in favor of clearer laws for Georgia’s 400,000 lawfully carrying citizens and Georgia’s law enforcement officials with the passage of the Lawful Carry Act in the General Assembly.  The Georgia House voted today in favor of the Georgia Common Sense Lawful Carry Act (SB 308), which will remove confusing provisions from the current law.  Senator Mitch Seabaugh (R-Sharpsburg) sponsored the Act.                

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Statement from Sen. Judson Hill on Healthcare Choice Protection Passing General Assembly

ATLANTA (Apr. 29, 2010) – State Sen. Judson Hill (R-Marietta) released the following statement after Senate Bill 411, which now includes Hill’s authored legislation protecting Georgia’s current rights on health care choice, was approved Thursday by the Georgia General Assembly:

“I want to thank the entire General Assembly for helping me protect all Georgians from being compelled to participate in the federal healthcare program.  My original bill intended to shield every person in our state from having their basic rights of choice infringed upon by an unwanted government mandate.  With the passage of my measure, we will all continue to enjoy those rights to purchase private or public healthcare, or decline to participate in any healthcare plan at all.” 

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