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Grade Schools like We Grade Kids

By State Sen. Tommie Williams and State Rep. David Casas
When parents send their child to school, they want to know their child is in an academic environment with a high learning standard that encourages growth and development.   Right now, all they have to go on is reputation.


Senator Fort and Community Activists Demand Action From Legislators on Foreclosures

WHAT:           State Sen. Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta) will join community leaders to protest home foreclosures and predatory lending at noon on Feb. 23rd at the Georgia State Capitol. Protestors will encourage lawmakers to pass legislation that ends predatory lending, and encourages banks to modify loans.  (more…)

Senator Harbison’s Fallen Veterans Bill Passes Senate

ATLANTA (Feb. 19, 2010) – Sen. Ed Harbison’s (D-Columbus) Fallen Veterans Bill (SB 355) overwhelmingly passed Senate on Thursday.  The bill designates that a deceased veteran’s remains go to the individual listed on their U.S. Department of Defense Record of Emergency Data or DD Form 93.  This bill will alleviate any discrepancies among family members regarding the final resting place of the deceased veteran.   


Legislature Focuses on Budgeting

Sen. Lee Hawkins

By Sen. Lee Hawkins
ATLANTA (Feb. 19, 2010) – The Senate and House have passed the Fiscal Year 2010 Amended budget, which outlines our spending plan until July 1.  We have only $15.5 billion to spend over the next six months, which is $4.6 billion less than we had in 2009.  These sobering numbers reveal the dire budget crisis our state is in as revenues continue to fall.  The numbers for FY11 look even worse, and we want to ensure that every taxpayer dollar is spent as efficiently as possible.  In order to produce a fiscally responsible budget, the legislature has decided to recess for two weeks to give lawmakers and budget writers time to analyze where efficiencies can be found while protecting core areas of government like education and public safety. 


A Balanced Budget is crucial to our Economic Growth

By Sen. Chip Pearson

Sen. Chip Pearson

ATLANTA (Feb. 19, 2010) – Halfway through session, the Senate and House have passed a Fiscal Year 2010 Amended budget that takes us to July 1 and has been reduced to $15.5 billion.  We’re operating on 23 % less than we were in 2009, and still trying to provide the same level of government service to an ever-growing population.  If this isn’t bad enough, the FY11 numbers look even worse.  The legislature has decided to recess for 10 days until March 8 to allow lawmakers and budget writers time to grapple with how to balance next year’s budget that could have a more than $1 billion gap.  Producing a balanced budget is our constitutional obligation, and with collapsing revenues, it’s going to be a tough job.  This is the people’s money we’re spending, and we need to do it right.  Our goal is to develop a spending plan that uses every dollar wisely and efficiently.