Sen. Smith Files Bill to Protect Citizens’ Gun Rights during an Emergency

ATLANTA (Jan. 29, 2010) – State Sen. Preston Smith (R-Rome) filed Senate Bill 342 today to protect legally carrying citizens’ gun rights during a state of emergency.  Currently, state law grants extraordinary powers to a Georgia governor to suspend or limit the sale, dispensing or transportation of firearms during an emergency.  Sen. Smith’s bill would repeal that existing statute to remove a governor’s power to limit gun rights during an emergency.

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South Georgia at the State Capitol

By State Sen. Greg Goggans

In order to get Georgia’s economy back on track, there is a clear and proven solution: JOBS.  Thousands of people around our state are actively looking for work, and our state revenues have taken massive hits over the last year.  These difficult economic times call for bold action to make sure businesses have the resources they need to create long-term jobs and get Georgians back to work again.  This has been my top legislative priority and I am proud to say I’ve joined with Senate and House leaders to announce Georgia is open for business. Continue reading “South Georgia at the State Capitol”

Hamrick: Notes from the Georgia Senate

By Senator Bill Hamrick

ATLANTA (Jan. 29, 2010) – Trust is the most important part of any relationship, particularly that of a citizen and their legislator. I serve on the Senate Ethics Committee where we handle all legislation addressing the moral and ethical issues relating to governmental individuals and groups. We work to ensure that your trust remains with your senator. Continue reading “Hamrick: Notes from the Georgia Senate”

Economic Development News from the Georgia Senate

By Senator Jim Butterworth

This week, the state legislature completed four more legislative days and is moving along very quickly. Committees began deliberating legislation and taking on the big issues of jobs and the economy. Among them was a Joint Economic Development Meeting. As a member of the Senate Economic Development Committee, I am working with my colleagues to bring much-needed jobs to our great state and Northeast Georgia. Continue reading “Economic Development News from the Georgia Senate”

Legislative Focus on Jobs Continues

By Sen. Chip Pearson

Sen. Chip Pearson

ATLANTA (Jan. 29, 2010) – Moving into the third week of session, we continue to focus on the legislature’s role in job growth for Georgia.  I co-chaired the first joint Economic Development Committee meeting with our colleagues in the House to hear from several experts on various facets of Georgia’s economy.  We were joined by a new House committee that was created to study proposals aimed at small businesses and job creation.   

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