The People’s Business

Sen. Tommie Williams
Sen. Tommie Williams

By President Pro Tempore Tommie Williams
August 24, 2009

August is quickly coming to a close and families across Georgia are transitioning back into the normal school year routine of homework, carpools and school buses, report cards and box lunches.  However, this school year isn’t like any other.  With the confusion over teacher furloughs and budget cuts, parents want assurance that their children are receiving a good education.  Teachers want to know that they will have the tools to teach and a sustainable salary.  In Georgia, we care about our teacher and our students.

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The Continuing Crisis of Common Sense

The Etowah Habitat Conservation Plan, or ObamaCare for minnows

Sen. Chip Pearson
Sen. Chip Pearson

By Sen. Chip Pearson
ATLANTA (August 21, 2009) – Disclaimer: Though this is a serious issue with serious implications, large amounts of sarcasm are used in the following opinion.  Sometimes it’s better to laugh than to cry.  Proceed at your own risk.

We’re from the government, and we’re here to help
While the country is gripped in the worst recession in a generation, Georgia’s unemployment rate is above 10%, and Obama-Pelosi-Reed et al are trying to take over one-sixth of the economy, you would think your federal government would have little time for mischief and meddling.  Think again.  While you’ve been working to feed your family and pay your taxes while praying you still have a job tomorrow, your public servants at the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and their friends at UGA have squandered over $1.5 million on a program called the Etowah Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP).  I call it the Yazoo Land Deal II, or “the largest taking of private property since the removal of the Cherokees!”

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A Tribute to Our Colleague, Our Friend Leah Tatum-Dick

By Vicki Gibbs on behalf of State Senate Colleagues and Friends

Leah 2009-2c “Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you there.” Those are the words of Isla Paschal Richardson displayed on the inside of the memorial ceremony program for Leah Tatum-Dick and her husband Bill.  Close friends, colleagues and family members gathered last week at the State Capitol in remembrance of our friend Leah.  Many feel the shock and pain of the sudden tragedy that took their lives, but we gathered to celebrate the wonderful blessing she brought to each of our lives. Continue reading “A Tribute to Our Colleague, Our Friend Leah Tatum-Dick”

Health Care Reform: What really works?

By Georgia Senator Judson Hill
Sen. Judson Hill
Sen. Judson Hill

The people adamantly asked Congress not to sprint to the finish line passing national health care reform that doesn’t meet their needs, but which only contributes trillions more to the national debt and becomes just another poorly run government program.  Thankfully, members of Congress have returned home without national health care reform.  Americans justifiably want specific answers from Congress.  Many people are now frustrated   with the Obama administration that once vowed to be open and listen to all suggestions.  The White House is now turning a deaf ear by claiming conservative “operatives” are staging protests.  Mr. President and Democratic members of Congress, there’s no reason to stage anything with the government-controlled health care reforms you are attempting to pass. Please remember these are your constituents and you should listen to them.

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