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Notes from the Senate

00heathheadshotbig4By Sen. Bill Heath

ATLANTA (February 20, 2009) — This year comes as a landmark period of struggle and angst in our most important areas—education and the economy. I am proud to say that this past week I helped create and pass legislation that will aid Georgians in these issues through measures to help homeowners, construct better standards for our local school boards, and create helpful solutions for employment and the specific strength of Georgia’s economy.


Small Businesses Will Get Share of State Contracts under Legislation Championed by Sen. Pearson

ATLANTA (February 19, 2009) — Legislation authored by Sen. Chip Pearson (R-Dawsonville) to award 10 percent of all state and municipal contracts to small businesses passed out of the Senate Government Oversight Committee and is now headed to the Senate floor for a vote.


Sen. Rogers Puts Support Behind Legislative Tax Relief Package

ATLANTA (February 18, 2009) – Leaders of the Georgia General Assembly introduced today the “Jobs, Opportunity, and Business Success Act of 2009,” a tax relief package aimed at stimulating Georgia’s economy through innovation and entrepreneurship.\


Rogers: Delivering on Promises to Homeowners

ATLANTA (February 17, 2009) – Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock) released the following statement today regarding Governor Perdue signing H.B. 143 into law. This ensures over three million homeowners that funding for the 2009 Homeowners Tax Relief Grant (HTRG) will be maintained in this year’s budget:


Georgia Senator Judson Hill Introduces State Medicaid Reform Bill

ATLANTA (February 16, 2009) – Leading Georgia health-care reformer State Sen. Judson Hill (R – Marietta) introduced Senate Bill 92 as his latest initiative to improve our current state health care system and to make healthcare more accessible for all Georgians. SB 92 would transfer eligible state Medicaid and Peach Care patients’ medical coverage to a private health insurance provider with state health care funds still paying the premiums. The measure is intended to help Medicaid and Peachcare recipients obtain healthcare in the doctor’s office rather than be turned away due to low physician reimbursements pushing the recipients to the hospital emergency room for care. The measure also provides eligible recipients the opportunity to stay insured under the same plan once they move off of government assistance. Hill believes SB 92 is an essential measure to accomplish his mission of improving access to quality care and lowering health insurance costs for every Georgian. (more…)