Where Do We Go From Here?

Sen. Jim Butterworth
Sen. Jim Butterworth

By Sen. Jim Butterworth
ATLANTA (February 24, 2009) – It took many months for economists to publicly admit that our economy was in a recession. When these “experts” finally decided to admit the obvious, the rest of us had realized the fact long before. So now that we know the truth, we can move on to the larger question about our economy: When will we get out of this?

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South Georgia at the State Capitol

By State Sen. Greg Goggans

Sen. Greg Goggans
Sen. Greg Goggans

ATLANTA (February 20, 2009) – This week was a great week for Georgia homeowners, small businesses, and citizens alike here at the General Assembly. As me move into the second half of the 2009 Session, I am proud to report solid measures that I am sponsoring and supporting are making their way through the legislative process and hopefully will bring much needed job creation, homeowner tax relief, and a funded trauma care network. Continue reading “South Georgia at the State Capitol”

From the Capitol . . .

By: Sen. Cecil Staton

ATLANTA (February 20, 2009) – This week was truly a great week for Georgia homeowners. The Georgia State Senate is being forced to make some difficult choices during the course of the 2009 General Assembly. Tough budget cuts will have to be made as we work towards balancing the revenue shortfall. But in doing so I urged my fellow Senators to be mindful of making these decisions without placing an additional burden on our taxpayers. Every person across the state is feeling the effects of our economic recession and the last thing anyone needs is the government taking away more money from families already burdened by this crisis. Continue reading “From the Capitol . . .”

Sen. Johnson Introduces Measure to Re-establish Milton County

ATLANTA (Feb. 23, 2009) – Citing the need for citizens to be able to “touch and smell” their government, Senator Eric Johnson (R-Savannah) joined the battle to recreate Milton County by proposing Senate Resolution 392. In 1931, during the Great depression, the existing Georgia Counties of Milton and Campbell went bankrupt and were merged with Fulton County. Fulton is 529 square miles in area and 70 miles from end to end. Fulton is Georgia’s most populous County. One million people (1 in 10 Georgians) live in the County. Fulton is larger than 8 states. It contains the City of Atlanta and the State Capitol. It is densely populated and heavily taxed.

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Legislature Delivering on Commitment to Work in the Best Interest of Georgians

Sen. Chip Pearson
Sen. Chip Pearson

By Sen. Chip Pearson
ATLANTA (February 20, 2009) – During the past few weeks, one of the main concerns under the gold dome has been the fate of the Homeowner Tax Relief Grants (HTRG). After lawmakers committed to finding the money to fund HTRG for 2009, a bill was successfully passed out of both the Senate and House to deliver on that promise. All that was left was the Governor’s decision. I am pleased to report that Gov. Sonny Perdue announced this week that he will sign House Bill 143, ensuring that homeowners receive the property tax break they were promised this year. I am proud of the cooperative effort by both chambers and the Governor to bring this needed relief to more than 3 million of Georgia’s homeowners.

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